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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by SteamingFire, Jan 17, 2016.

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  1. Anyone know any good F2P MMORPGs, or merely multiplayer games that involve combat and skills?

    I've already tried Runescape, TERA, and RIFT. I've scrolled through all other Trion games. I've tried combat-only games like S4 League, but they're only good for short bursts of time. And social games aren't really my thing. EMC's enough to fulfill that category.

    I've already scouted around Black Desert and B&S. Quite frankly, I can't find a game to satisfy me anymore. Good graphics are hard enough to find, but now I'm specifically looking for a game that has a multi-classing system, so I can e.g. be both an archer and a warrior at all times. But most games don't do that...

    And above all, it has to be f2p... And definitely not p2w.
  2. Would a multiplayer arena shooter work?
  3. I'd say try out the elder scrolls online but you have to buy it first. Other than that its a pretty good game in my opinion.
  4. I'd prefer something more flexible and diverse. S4 is basically that, anyway xD with swords, too.
    I've seen videos of the Elder Scrolls series. Isn't it singleplayer?
  5. Elder Scrolls online was Bethesda's attempt at producing a WoW copy. But due to there being better, free, and online MMOs, they made it a purchasable once game. So no subscription.
  7. This looks like the most complete list i'll get xD thanks. I see at least 1 game i might want to try tomorrow.

    Just to be clear, it doesn't matter if the payment is subscription or a $1 one-time payment; i can't pay for games at all =.=

    Welp. If no games on that reddit list can satisfy me in the end, i should probably do something else with my time, eh? =P
  8. Let me know if you need suggestions! I would be happy to help!
  9. Think you could help me find multi-classing ones? XD
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  10. Okay, so I went through the top reddit MMORPGs and didn't like any of them >.>
    Some of them I turned down the minute I saw their graphics because they were anime-based or fixated on a specific eagle-eye camera and had little chibis for characters.

    Anyone got anything else?
    I should probably be quitting the gaming world now >.>"

    edit: I could only consider the f2p ones on that list. there may have been p2p games that i liked--but again, i can't consider those.
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  11. anyone got any other ideas >.>...
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  12. A large majority of F2P MMORPGs are anime based since japanese/korean based companies create the MMORPGs... good luck too you finding a good MMORPG that suits your needs.
  13. By anime-based I meant obviously anime-based, like with super-soft graphics and chibi faces/voices, all characters being short and cute, etc. =.=
    If it isn't obvious that it's taken from an anime, then it's fine.
    But nevertheless, yeah. I don't think this'll be an easy search for me.
    *starts downloading random games to try on and off*
    ima close this thread xD i don't think there exists a game that can truly satisfy me, heh.
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  14. Blade n soul is ment to be out today, not 100% sure of how good it is, looked good a few yrs ago when it was originaly meant to be released. (English/western version that is)
  15. Blade&Soul has everything instanced =.=
    Walk through a door-->lag spike!
    Go to a different room in the same house-->portal needed!


    edit: lol there's a giant countdown on the website for its launch. 5 hours, 30 minutes left xD i might try it. but that's like 11PM for me. i guess at 11PM i'll leave my computer on to download it and play it tomorrow >.>...
  16. Btw... did you come here because I asked it to be closed, but then replied instead and forgot to close it? xD
  17. world of tanks is I good one I like
  18. umm, nope. Seen a subject I was interested in and could offer a little help.
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