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  1. So, usually I would do it myself but I currently have no access to my xp farm lol.

    I need ~6 Level 24 repairs (Its level 30 if you put ench.shovel then shovel instead of other way around).

    PM me what you charge for a level 24 repair, I need these done ASAP! I will supply diamonds!

  2. You're a gold supporter: /utopia, then /v endertopia. Kill those Endermen and gain all the XP you need...

    Wouldn't that do?
  3. Endertopia is overrated.

    Many player-run XP farms will get you tons more.
  4. Oh gosh.... Endertopia... that place is soooooo slow. Id rather pay someone... (I think I got spoiled with making the fastest enderman farm and forgot how long it used to take when I used endertopia).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.