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  1. Hi yall,

    In addition to my enchanted gear shop I'm now starting a customized god gear service. You choose the items and enchantments you want from the list below and I'll have it made for you.

    All items are diamond (except the bow, of course). Custom names are 200r each.

    Orders: max 4 items per order, 1 order per week (subject to change)

    Delivery time: Depending on the order from 2 days to a week. Will make it ASAP though.

    Items can be picked up at my shop or I can drop them off at your place if you have an access chest or hopper set up.

    Pending Orders:

    Completed Orders:
    PinkCaker (2nd order)
    DoubleCakes9001 (2nd order)
    Blondekid42 (2nd order)
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  2. diamond pickaxe with silk touch 1 and unbreaking 3 ;) I will pay tonight since I'm currently away.
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  3. Received payment JPGamerZ. I already have it. How do you want it delivered?
  4. 1 Pick: UNB 3, Eff 5, Fortune.
    1 Pick: UNB, Eff5, Silk Touch
    1 Axe: Eff 5, ENB 3

    Paying right now. Total should be 10,100r.
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  5. I'll pick it up :)
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  6. Ok, the orders are ready. I have an access chest set up for each of you at the back of my shop at 10742.
  7. 1 order of:
    Chestplate with the following enchants:
    Unbreaking III
    Protection IV
    Thorns III
    Leggings with the following enchants:
    Unbreaking III
    Explosion Protection IV
    Boots with the following enchants:
    Feather Falling IV
    Unbreaking III
    Depth Strider III
    Fire Protection IV
    Helmet with the following enchants:
    Aqua Affinity I
    Respiration III
    Unbreaking III
    Projectile Protection IV
    Total should be 14600r, Let me know if im wrong. :)
    Will also pay later tonight. :D
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  8. Thanks!
    Now, I'll order some more :)

    Shovel: 500r
    EFF 5: 1000r
    UNB 3: 1000r

    SUB-TOTAL: 2500r

    Sword: 600r
    LOOT 3: 1000r
    FIRE ASP 3: 500r
    UNB 3: 1000r

    SUB-TOTAL: 3100r

    TOTAL: 5600r

    Paying Now :)
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  9. I think you meant fire aspect II :p. Anyway, payment received!
  10. Thanks :) My mind is really full up atm so i kind of slip up on these little things :p
  11. And Payed. :)
  12. And received!
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  13. Hey, If its not a trouble, could you add a name to each? I want them to say "DC's Shiny {armor piece}
    I will pay shortly. :)
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  14. No problem. Got two pieces finished and the rest halfway there. Will tell you when I'm done :)
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  15. Sorry guys for the delay, had a test today. All the items are ready. I'll be placing the access chests at my store as soon as I get to town :)
    Edit: chests placed!
  16. Its me again. :)
    This time, I would like:
    Diamond sword with:
    Name: DC's Butter Knife.
    • Sharpness V
    • Fire Asp II
    • Knockback III
    • Looting III
    • Unbreaking III
    That should be 4800r, I would also like a bow:
    Name: DC's Infinity Bow
    • Power V
    • Punch II
    • Flame I
    • Infinity
    • Unbreaking III
    And that should be 3700. total will be 8100
    I will pay later today when I'm not busy. :)
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  17. Well, if DC shops with you then you must be doing something good ;) I got a bit of in-game break, time to spend some money myself.

    I'd like:
    • Sword (600r)
    • Sharpness V (1000r)
    • Fire Asp. II (500r)
    • Knockback II (500r)
    • Looting III (1000r)
    • Unbreaking III (1000r)
    • Custom name: Shell Slasher (200r)
    Which bags you: 4800r.

    • Sword (600r)
    • Bane of the Anthropods V (1000r)
    • Knockback II (500r)
    • Looting III (1000r)
    • Unbreaking III (1000r)
    • Custom name: Rei's Lance (200r)
    Which boils down to 4100r.

    Added up: 8900r which we'll just round up to 9k for ease. I'll pay when I get online later on.

    Edit: And paid :)
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