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  1. So, I like this girl at school and have done since december. We became friends in march, which is the month after I joined EMC. Nobody knows, but some people have an idea. We only really talk over Facebook.
    I flirt over the chat, and the other day I asked what she would say if I asked her out. She said I don't know.
    I don't even know if she's in a relationship right now. She had a dodgy relationship with one of my friends from september until october, and got back together with him in November and broke up again in February. She has alot of self respect, and the only downside is that she is super emotional (like me) and will spill out her feelings to anybody (unlike me).

    So, i'm asking you guys for help. I am like a machine. I rarely feel this way about anybody. I have been in one 6 month relationship that the girl says didn't exist and she has never even thought about dating me, even though I asked her out and she said yes and talked alot. I almost suicided after this. I had a broken heart for 3 months.

    I also don't really want to bother the girl. I am depressed and she is depressed. I don't want to watch it crash and burn just because we'd both break down talking to eachother but i've been waiting for this way to long.

    I am the only person who knows why she is depressed, and i'm not even allowed to tell her friends so I will definitely not share the reason with the internet.
  2. Sorry, but I can't help you.
  3. Also, I don't like to think about dating. I have anger problems, emotional problems, and i'm a mess. But as I said, i've been waiting way to long.
  4. I bet some one here will be able to help.
  5. Well it seems like your already close friends, so all that can happen is you become closer and once it feels right ask out to the movies or something like that.
  6. ... just wondering, how old are you? middle school? freshman? softmore? junior? senior? college?
  7. The pain of rejection will end, but the suffering due to uncertainty will not.
    There is really only one way to succeed here.
  8. I think you should consult sqiugglyjeff about this. He had good advice when x_I_Like_A_Pig_x asked for help as well.
  9. I would ask her out to the movies on a Friday night or something like that. That's what I did, of course got rejected then a week later she asks me if I want to see a movie with her.
  10. He's 12.
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  11. i know it has its down sides but this is how i look at it. ( i have , and AM in the same situation as you are. but i know the girl i like likes me. she shows it to often. ) this is how i look at it:

    1: you date, get about a few months if your really lucky, but no one dates forever and im gonna say your not old enough to marry.

    2: once you date your friendship will burn a hole through you both.

    3: if you friends with anyone of her friends they will hate you for a while.

    4: how its ended up for me in the past is: you will no longer be friends. you wont ever talk to each other again. and her friends will distant them self's from you. ( i tend to befriend people i like :)

    5: follow my advice. this is the best anyone , if they get close, could tell you. believe me. its for the best.
  12. From reading your post it seem's you want to go out with her, But you were scarred from past relationship's and feel like all your relationship will do is crash and burn. Now I can't really give much advice on this one but if you don't act soon maybe she won't Still like you when the time comes. Perhaps ask her if you could just try dating her and see how it works out if after said several weeks you feel the same or worse about each other before dating then it just wasn't meant to be and you guys could " stay friends".
  13. If you said she isn't sure, then let her decide?
    The problem is, I'm being analytical and using logic, which won't work in this situation, because I find these situations defy logic, reason, predictability, and the definition of worthwhile.
  14. /SuperAwesomeGirlAdviceEngage
    If you feel like your friendship can get to the next level go for it. Though I'm pretty sure that if you feel like you are the only person in the relationship, meaning you only message her and stuff and she replies, if there's no sense of togetherness like that, I don't think it's meant to be. And when you're asking her out, you should make it quite obvious and it should almost be like a marriage proposal. It's basically you're married, but the proposal closes the deal. So basically treat her great and if she does want to go out, it'll be a yes in two seconds, and not a hmm I'll think about it. I could write more tips and stuff but I don't have time. Good luck. :)
  15. I have no idea how old you are, having read only your first post. So I don't know if you've mentioned it anywhere else.

    As a man who has loved and lost, then loved again, and lost again, then loved and lost, and so on so forth (that's how it tends to go by the way), here is my advice:

    Man up.

    Ask her if she'd like to go out for lunch some time.

    Take her somewhere nice, but not over-the-top. Chat to her, get to know her. You don't buy a car without test-driving it, same goes for girls. Make sure you're actually going to have something in common or something you both connect on.

    Let the friendship develop over a few more lunches, maybe dinners. Go out for a drink some time. Keep the pressure off and you'll soon find yourself going from seeing her home at the end of the night with a peck on the cheek for your troubles, to getting a bit of tongue action if she likes you.

    It'll develop naturally.

    Honestly, the "Will you go out with me?" is only really valid during the younger years of your life. It doesn't work like that when you're older.

    Either way, remember this, which is my war cry:

    "I've f**k all to lose."


    She can only say 'No.' at the end of the day.

  16. Gaming :p I seen her on a server a few weeks ago. Her MC username is 'I took killmannan's advice'. Oh, and also: Paramore.
    I'll use that as my war cry when I join the military :D (possibly the RAF or navy)...Or I could follow my other dream of game developing even more.
  17. You probably want to remove those details considering some of the berserkers you get around here.

    So not really the military then?

  18. I could apply for any one of those :p I'm in the cadets for the navy, but I don't really want to do that. The air force is a good job but i'm afraid of heights and don't want to be stuck in an operating room. The military...
    I'm afraid of getting my face blown off and i'm not really bulk or anything, and i'm not a killer. It's good in video games but I don't want to be honored for killing someone.
  19. That, my friend, is a diet of computer gaming speaking there.

    You don't have to be big to be a soldier, you don't have to neccessarily kill, and you certainly don't get honoured for it.
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  20. you're young and although it may be hard to do... just remember that there is always tomorrow and your sorrows today will soon be in the past
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