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  1. Welcome to the central HUB for all StadsCast Empire Minecraft News!

    A new episode will be released every fortnight updating you on what has been happening around the place on Empire Minecraft, please subscribe or follow me on on a social network to get notified about the next episode!
    Please comment below with suggestions for the next episode and where I can improve :)
  2. Episode One

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  3. This is an awesome idea! :) I love the media/graphics, really nice, easy to watch.

    But I thought you talked too much with not enough info. :) Maybe keep it concise, short, informative.

    As for suggestions for future episodes:
    There may not always be huge changes, so you could do episodes on charitable organizations in the game, or events. Maybe a special episode for newbies, with some quick info, important starting tips, and quick tour of EMC worlds, livemap, wiki.

    To help you fund the channel, you could even add in very short sponsorship :) Though I hate advertising, a little bit won't hurt. And I guess I mean in-game sponsorship, from players.
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  4. They look really good :D
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  5. Thanks :)
    Okay, I was taking this off about 10 lines of 2 word dot points, perhaps I should prepare a script for next time ;)
    Okay so the news could have more of a community focus when short on News. As for noob episodes I may start a seperate series, similar to first days in Minecraft; it'd be first days in Empire Minecraft! :D
    hmmm, I guess I could look into that although I'm not sure how I would go about it... Do you have any suggestions on how to go about sponsorship-ish stuff?
    Thanks :D
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  6. Well you have either visual or verbal, or both.
    - A short mention at the end of the cast. "Thank you for watching EMC News. And thank you to NZScruffy Inc. for helping keep this channel going" or something... "Thank you to todays sponsors: NZScruffy Inc, LB Industries and The Charity Company." or whatever.
    - You can put up a 'banner' advert, screenshot, some short writting on the screen on the back wall. (graphic provided by the advertiser if you prefer)
    - You could scroll small brief text along the bottom with names of supporters/advertisers. You can use this method for other useful info as well if you wanted to.

    As for how you GET the sponsorship. You ask people in this thread to request it, and how much they'd like to give you. If there becomes are large demand for people wanting space on your show, then you open a 'bid' for it each week. Highest bid(s) gets the spot(s). And people bid each week for it.

    That's all i can think of atm.
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  7. I think it would look nice if instead of projecting scenes on the screen in the top left all the time, you could switch those scenes to full screen sometimes with you still doing the voice over and then go back to you in the room. Like actual news :D
    And it would be fun to have like a reporter in the field, or an expert explaining the situation for some topics :p
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  8. This is really awesome, will really be helpful for people who missed it or something. Awesome job! :)
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  9. Can't say I am a fan of this series, one reason being that I am almost always aware of the new updates.
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  10. Okay, I think I could use a mixture of those ideas... Thanks for the ideas! :D
    I can definitely do the screen transition thing. I quite like the reporter in the field idea ;)
    Thanks! Thats what I'm hoping for, a quick video that people can watch to catch up on what has been happening ;)
    That's understandable :) If you're interested I do other things on my YouTube channel as well ;)
  11. I skimmed through it (6 minutes just seemed a bit long for me) and I will say it seems good but I have a couple suggestions:
    • Move the character closer to the screen or don't have him at all. Your character was a bit of a distraction and it felt like most of the screen was space. I would recommend zooming WAY in next time on your player.
    • I feel like this could be improved by taking place in quick bursts. Possibly having "Stad's 60 second rundown" would make it much more appealing to people who want quick news in video form. It also gives you a "gimmick" to keep things interesting
    • If you use the burst idea above then maybe release a video every weak then have a Monthly recap every month that can be much longer and maybe include future predictions.
    • Some sort of sidebar on the side of the video showing what is next. Maybe have it look something like this
    With a scrolling blue (or any color) area that shows how long each section is and how far you are into each one
    You could also use something like this
    With a current header and a coming next header that will switch every time you change subjects.

    Thanks for reading my suggestions. Hope the news goes far :)
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  12. Nice job! Nice job with the editing and, and your British voice makes it amazing!
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  13. First, it is australian. Second, i agree with you on the rest of it.
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  14. Okay I'll try to zoom in a bit, I get what you're saying about emptiness ;)
    I quite like the progress metre, I'll see what I can do :D
  15. Thanks! I am Australian however I'll take the british as a compliment :D
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  16. Episode Two

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  17. awesome :D love the editing and all looks great and what about /promo dirt xD but very very good
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  18. /promo dirt? I've never heard of it xD Let me look into it for next time possibly...

    EDIT: Just got it, really not worth putting in with the holiday promos :p
  19. it gives you an option of 4 16s of dirt named 'not so special dirt' or something in italic
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