[Closed] Diamond Horse armour.

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  1. Item: Diamond Horse Armour
    Starting bid: 2,000r.
    Auction Ending time: 48 Hours.
    Good Luck! :D
  2. what's the bid increase?
  3. This is auction is invalid on at least two counts. Horse armor must be auctioned in lots of at least 5 and you are required to set a minimum bid increment (increase).
  4. This is in game Guys just to let you know and you have to come in 1 hour max to my res for this auction
  5. This thread is for auctions conducted on the website only. Announcements of in-game auctions should be made in-game, or as a [selling] in the Products, Businesses, & Services thread, or if you do it enough ahead of time with enough items possibly in the events thread.
  6. Im just letting the E.M.C people know that Im having one in my res if they are not on.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.