[CLOSED] [Buying/Trading] Mob Heads

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  1. Looking to finish off my Mod Head collection. If anyone is interested is selling or trading for other heads, please let me know.

    EDIT: I now have them all. Thanks.

    Available for Trade:

    Zombie (x56)
    Skeleton (x51)
    Creeper (x33)
    Blaze (x3)
    Chicken (x3)
    Cow (x5)
    Magma Cube (LavaSlime) (x1)
    Zombie Pigman (x2)
    Slime (x41)
    Spider (x8)

    Let me know if you have any of the ones I'm missing and if you need any that I have extras off. Willing to offer more then 1 of my extras to get the 2 I'm missing.
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  2. I do have them both...
    Together they are worth 7Kr but... I do Like it That you are collecting them (I do have all heads so I have colleced them to)
    So for 3Kr or 2 ChIcken heads... They are yours :D
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  3. Someone was nice enough to send the missing ones to me earlier. However if you still need some of these I can still trade. Was there any other besides the 2 chicken heads that you wanted?
  4. no I just do like that you're collecting...
    so, you do have your heads...
    Could a mod close this thread please?
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  5. Do you have a Ghast head?

    -I have a spare if you are interested :)
  6. If you have the missing ones now then you may want to remove them from the original post using the edit button :D
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  7. Oddly enough I do have a Ghast head lol Not sure how or where I got it but I got it :p But if you need something we can trade.

    *doh* hah ... yes that would be wise :p Thanks.
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  8. Lol, i was just wondering if you had one or not, I don't need anything thanks :)
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