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  1. Hello EMC Community, my website is currently under development and will be released in approximately 2-3 weeks. This website (as you can guess by the title) will contain reviews about everything Minecraft, from servers to mods, from skins to texture packs and beyond that. But I do not believe I can write all of these articles on my own, so that is where I am turning to the EMC community for help.


    How can I help?
    Simple, if you are a decent writer and love writing about Minecraft related things you can make a big pile of rupees doing it. The website will need a team of writers, each person writing an article on their designated category each week. Some weeks I will have something specific for you to write about (featured server, skin, texture pack, etc.) but other than those weeks you will be free to write about anything related to your section that you desire.

    What is in it for me?
    The current offer for writers is 25,000 to 50,000 rupees per article, depending on the depth and quality of the article, but this is only for full time writers, those who write an article each week continuously for at least a month. If you only want to write one single article you will be paid in the range of 5,000 to 10,000 rupees.

    Where do I start?
    If you are interested, simply post that you are or start a conversation with me with the subject "Minecraft Reviews". Once you have done either of those I will send you further details as well as some questions and tasks you must do. I have already messaged one or two people about this job that I see are overqualified for this.

    • If you wish for one of your creations to be advertised on the site, whether it be a skin, map, something on EMC, or anything else Minecraft related please contact me through a conversation so we can work out the details. All payments will be in rupees, know real world currency will be charged for any advertising on the website.
    • This site will advertise Empire Minecraft as a featured server, if you wish to put your banner on your profile (if you join the site) you may.
    • Once the website is up please do not spread the link in-game as it could or could not be seen as advertising other servers, since there will be other servers besides EMC on the site, if someone wishes to visit the site message them privately in-game or have them shoot me a PM.
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  2. Minecraft 1.9 Update

    As you may have heard, Minecraft is coming out with a 1.9 version of the PC edition. This update, known as the Combat Update, has a ton of new creatures, blocks, and items into the game. Along with new commands and new options for gameplay! Currently, not all of it is finished but you can check out the snapshot here: https://mojang.com/2015/07/minecraft-snapshot-15w31a/
    The new update is like a warrior's dream. The update will include the ability to have dual wielding, as in being able to hold two things in your hands at once! This is a very useful feature when fighting monsters. Speaking of monsters, this update adds tons of them! There are these new creatures called 'Shulker' (short for Shell Lurker) who protects the End City. Yes, you heard me right, an End City. They spawn in The End and are made out of new blocks called Purpur blocks (blocks, pillars, stairs, and slabs). Back to the Shulker, this small but deadly monster disguises itself as a purple block and when you come near it fires small projectiles at you. These projectiles can be useful if used correctly. When they hit you, you will begin to levitate and after a while, fall to the ground. They can be shot from very far away and will follow you, so be careful! These little guys may look cute, but don't be fooled. Super fun to battle and quite fun to try out the levitating abilities, they will provide you with quite a challenge to battle.
    So, now you know about the mobs, it's time to get into the fighting and block additions. There will be an option (not currently in the snapshot) to have shields. These will block attacks from the side depending on the hand you are holding it in. They will be super useful when fighting big mobs like the Ender Dragon. Also, there's going to be arrows with every potion effect so you can attack enemies with arrows instead of spalsh potions! These will be more useful than potions since arrows stack! There are also new plants in the End called Chorus Plants which drop Chorus Fruit that can be eaten. Also, beetroots are added. If you're a player of the Pocket Edition, these should be familiar to you, as they were added to that version a very long time ago! They can be planted and eaten like all other crops, but they can be turned into beetroot soup just like mushrooms. Lastly, there is now a super useful tool that can be used during a fight. That tool, potion identification. If you're battling a witch, you will most likely get splashed with one or two potions. You have to take time during the fight to check what potion you got splashed with and that can be deadly. The solution? Being able to see the potion effects the second you get splashed. A little box will pop up on the side of the screen which shows the potion effect. So now you know whether to flee or to fight!

    This new update will be the greatest one yet! It is currently one of the longest updates time-wise! With so many things to explore and creatures to battle, Notch has promised this to be one of the most exciting update yet! I'm sure you can agree, we are all very excited!
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  3. Nice, accepted. Welcome to Minecraft Reviews :D
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  4. Hello, I'm interested in this. Will I need to write an article like Scarmanzer has done?
  5. I will message you with the details.
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  6. This seems interesting. I would like to try being a writer. If there's one thing I still like in minecraft, it's anything mod related. Specifically, magic mods.
  7. Start a convo with me titled "Minecraft Reviews" with an example of your work, if you don't have one let me know and we'll go from there.
  8. BETA site is up.
  9. The uncommon mod known as the "SAO UI" mod is not as bad as many people anticipate. Yes, there may be a few minor things missing, but as a whole, the mod works really well. The SAO UI mod is based off of the anime "Sword Art Online" and is efficiently coded so that every aspect made so far works as well as it could, making the feel of the VRMMORPG SAO come to your Minecraft game.

    Here is a screenshot of your Minecraft Survival mode screen:

    On the right is your 9 slots for the bottom line of your inventory. Your health bar is displayed at the top, along with your exp level (Where it says LV:0) All mobs, including players, have a cursor above their head as well as a health bar (Does not display numbers like your own Health Bar).

    Just like normal Minecraft, the menu is brought up using "esc"/"escape". This brings up the menu that the players from SAO would see:

    Each of the 5 icon's do something. The first icon is your profile. It will show a mini menu inside of it. It contains a few features to do with your inventory and items you hold as well as your exp percentage and level. There are a few other useful features on this mini menu. The second icon brings up the menu which you can use to interact with others. "Guild", "Party", and "Friends". This mini menu is still under development, so it seems. Guild currently does nothing, the other will send messages to people which seem to be some sort of invite, perhaps it only works to people who also have the mod. The third icon does absolutely nothing, but I see it could turn out to be a way of chatting to people through messages in the future. The fourth icon contains your achievements and location, the map is very undetailed, just blue with random decorations which is almost impossible to use for navigation, it shows no players or mobs and grants no advantage to a player. However, this feature is another thing that makes this mod more like SAO. The fifth icon is the settings menu. It contains "Option", "Help" and "Logout". By default, Logout will not be there. But you can change this in "option". However, there is still a way to change normal Minecraft settings and a way to log off. If you go into "Help", it brings up the normal "esc"/"escape" menu.

    There are many options that you can switch on and off:

    These settings allow you to turn off or turn on any feature of the mod, which I find really useful, since the mod's death screen is quite buggy and you might accidentally disconnect instead of re-spawning.

    In conclusion, this mod has more pros than cons, in my opinion. I recommend this mod to any SAO fan out there, or anyone that wants a good and efficient mod to edit their Minecraft experience.
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  10. Theres gonna be a good review for EMC, gonna say that right now :cool:
  11. A piece of advice for the OP; if you want your website to be discovered with the text that EMC people create; don't let them post it publicly in the forum. If you post the exact same text on your website while it's posted here first, the text on your website will count as a duplicate and is not discoverable in search engines.

    To improve your websites ranking, it is important that the text is first placed on your own website before anywhere else.

    Good luck!
  12. The current website is in beta so I'd rather people be directed to this post, but once the official site is up all of the reviews will be removed and moved to the site. Thanks for the advice. :D
  13. From our Terms of Service:


    Starlis reserves the right to advertise on EMC; it's part of how we pay for the service we provide. Using any form of communications on EMC to advertise a service or product, without written consent from Starlis, is prohibited. This includes but isn't limited to outside link contests, links with affiliate codes, links to your personal outside store or auction page, etc. If you would like to advertise a product or service please contact support@starlis.com.

    Closing thread.

    On a side note, if you would like to have a blog post on a blog, you should definitely write for the Empire's Official blog.
    If you are interested, check this thread out: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/calling-all-writers.54746/
    Our blog can be found at blog.emc.gs :)
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