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  1. Welcome to the brand new OriginalStore!
    • Shop constructed on 5/13/2016
    • Shop opened on 5/15/2016
    • Size:Small
    • Shop sells blocks most players look for.
    • Also sells ores and enchanted tools.
    • Bulk buying isn't allowed (Means don't buy the whole chest of items)
    • Shop is located at /smp7 /v originalscuf or /v 15856
    Some pictures of the shop:

    Hope you guys enjoy the shop!
  2. Thanks i spent all day building it:p I know its not much i but i don't want to waste a lot of money on a shop.
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  3. This looks really good, even more amazed to see that it is a shop too!

    Also, your FoV is killing me. :p
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  4. lol thanks Means a lot :D
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  5. +9000 to this shop :)
  6. Thanks means a lot:) Hope everyone enjoys the shop! Will change prices every week and we are always stocked!
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  7. Selling Notch apples for 1,800 rupees! At /v 15856:p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.