(CLOSED)Auction - Mob Arena Edition #001 Longbow (God Bow from Mob Arena)

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  1. Item - Mob Arena Edition #001 Longbow (God bow from Mob Arena, back when it was still up and running)
    Starting Bid - 200,000 rupees(Don't complain)
    Minimum Bid Increment - 1,000 rupees
    Auction ends 48 hours after last valid bid.
    Pickup at /v 1148 after payment.

    NOTE - Beacons shown in the picture are NOT included.
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  2. It's collectibility, this literally once of only two ever made, putting it up there as one of the rarest EMC items.

    As not to haro, if had 200k spare, I'd bid.
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  3. Ok Ok People, This is an [Auction], not a lets bash prices thread. As much as I may have a problem with this price too. I don't go spamming it on a thread. If you really really have a problem with his price, send him a PM, or in game. but for goodness sake, do not publicize your criticism on it. What happened to the good old days of Empire when things were dealt with privately amongst people? Rant over - if Mod sees this , please clear up this thread c:
  4. Please limit posts to bids and questions about the item being auctioned. Thank you. :)
  5. Honestly, I think 200k Is actually a fairly good price. Anyone else have another one of these #001 addition Mob Arena bows? I think not.
  6. Auction closed - Sold to Krysyyjane9191 :)
  7. Auction closed because Item was sold before any bids were placed. ;)
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