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  1. A Freshly New Set Of Starter Armour!

    Item:Starter,Helm,Chestplate,Leggings,Boots,Sword,Pickaxe,Axe,Shovel,animals and more!
    Starting Bid: 50k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 500r
    Auction Ending Time: 48 Hours After Last Valid Bid!

    Link For Proof:

    Happy Bidding!
  2. Price Gone Down To 35k!:D
    Bid On!
  3. 35500
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  4. Morning Bump! :D
  5. Cow/Sheep eggs, torches, bread, diamonds and empire assistant would all need to be DC quantities (not 100% on the assistant). Horse eggs would need 10 min. Rest should be fine.
  6. Im pretty sure that a normal animal eggs but these are soul bound.
  7. Thakloned is right though they maybe soulbound they still have to be auctioned in the quantities he said.
  8. So do I have too close the auction? Because this is my first real auction.
  9. Close it? but my bid was valid.
  10. The horse is not a valid item in the auction. You also cannot just say "and more" in the item section of the post. Read the auction rules and you will see what you can auction. The tools and the armour are still valid. If you want, you can ask a Moderator to remove the horses and more section and just have the auction run with the valid items. You can use the report feature on your main post in this auction to alert mods to what you want done with the post. Hope this helps.
    Your bid may be valid but the items aren't. If GameBoy chooses to carry the auction on with the valid items only, then you can keep your bid, but if he chooses otherwise and restarts, you'll just have to bid again.
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  11. Ok so you must auction 10 horse eggs minimum and you must list the stats for each egg.
    All normal (vanilla) items must be auctioned off in DC quantaties.. ie the torches, bread, etc.
    Special EMC items may be be auctioned off in any quantity that you like.
    Enchanted items may be auctioned off in any quantity you like.

    You will either need to fix this auction or close it and start again.
    For future reference please review the below link prior to starting an auction like this in the future.
  12. Ok can you close this auction Plz.
  13. closing auction as per owners request.
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