[Closed] [AUCTION] DC of Sweet L30 Enchants and Shiny Arrows (starts at 1r) !

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  1. This auction is for a Double Chest Full of Sweet Enchanted Items, including...
    10 Unbreaking III, Efficiency III, Silk Touch I, Diamond Pickaxes
    10 Unbreaking III, Power III Bows
    5 stacks of Shiny Arrows !
    2 Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV, Diamond Shovels
    1 Unbreaking III Diamond Pickaxe
    1 Unbreaking III Diamond Shovel
    1 Efficiency IV Book
    1 Unbreaking III Book
    2 Looting II Books
    1 Punch II Book
    1 Power V Book
    1 Infinity I Book
    18 Unbreaking III, Fortune I, Efficiency III, Diamond Pickaxes

    So, 49 total enchanted items, almost all at Level 30, and 5 stacks of Shiny Arrows, see picture, below.

    The starting bid will be 1 r.

    Minimum bid increase will be 250 r.

    This Auction will end 24 hours after the last valid bid.

    Pickup will be at 8122 Jungle Shop on smp4, against far Left (South) mossy stone brick wall.

    Thank you for your bids. This auction is raising rupees for a donation.

  2. 251r
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  3. 501r
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  4. Bump, because the diamonds alone cost about 20 times the current max bid lol.
  5. Lol ninja'ed
  6. sorry 780
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  7. Oops 1100
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  8. 2250r
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  9. 5500r
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  10. Congrats on getting me to bid. Wanna know why that's an achievement? Because I literally never bid on enchanted items.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.