[Closed] -66% and -50% Steam Game Coupons for CS:GO Skins

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by IronicSwordPlay, Jan 17, 2019.

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  1. So recently I got some coupons on Steam by crafting badges, I used most of them but there were 4 that were for games I didn't want. I decided to trade them on the steam fourms and then I thought why not let people on EMC know about them.

    The 4 Coupons I Have

    66% OFF ❂ Hexaluga ❂ Weapon and Shield ☯ (Valid until 21/01/2019,16:00:00)
    Link: https://steamcommunity.com/app/845200/tradingforum/2521353993653324817/

    66% OFF Squarism (Valid until 21/01/2019, 17:00:00)
    Link: https://steamcommunity.com/app/745030/tradingforum/2521353993653334734/

    66% OFF Nepenthe (Valid until 21/01/2019, 17:00:00)

    50% OFF Mount Your Friends (Valid until 21/01/2019, 17:00:00)
    Link: https://steamcommunity.com/app/296470/tradingforum/1741105805747462985/
    Since it cost me to craft the badges to get these coupons I think it fair to ask for a trade. If you want any of these games go to Steam trading fourm link and send me an offer. I would like 1 random CS:GO skin per coupon (excluding: SCAR-20 | Carbon Fiber, StatTrak™ XM1014 | Oxide Blaze and Dual Berettas | Contractor). Once you have sent a trade offer comment on this thread so that I know you've sent me something and I can accept it.

    Please note

    This thread will be closed at 17:00 21/01/2019 as this is when the last coupon expires.
    If you want to play CS:GO with me send you Steam name in a PM and I'll add you as a friend.
    If this isn't allowed/in the wrong section can a moderator please remove/move it.
  2. This is for offsite stuff, so I am 99% sure it is not allowed.
  3. No irl money is changing hands here, just trading steam codes/items.
  4. Ok thanks for explaining.
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  5. Ok I sent a trade offer, sent a few extra csgo skins i had for one of the coupons
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  6. I would amend this statement (notice to thread readers). That "No irl money is changing hands here" is NOT strictly-speaking our policy.
    This trade should be fine, but there are some other nuances that need to be vetted by the staff BEFORE threads like this are posted in the future.

    Those other nuances could include non-money IRL items or in-game items for non-in-game items. Additionally, we would not permit any exchanges that may be construed as illegal in certain parts of the world or violating the owner's TOS.

    I also would not imply that this is an all inclusive list. Just send the senior staff a message if in doubt. https://pmss.emc.gs/
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  7. Bump, three days left!
  8. Only 2 days left, get em while you can!
  9. Final day to grab these coupons, tomorrow at 17:00 GMT I'll be closing this thread.
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