Closed: 16826 at SMP8 Makes CUSTOM FIREWORKS to your liking!!!

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  1. 16826 on SMP8 is home of the fireworks, we even have the shop, but fireworks is the most creative thing that I can make! So fireworks that I make are really cool! Not drab or boring, they are amazing, and if you place an order, we fill it in for you, same day! We always have the Birthday Special when my Birthday comes around, where the B-Day is in Middle of it all and there is 4 days to the entire sale! But the fireworks are cheap, even without the half off discount! We Strive to get your firework ready to go boom in the sky, and to keep an orderly fashion, I make people buy free book and quills and place an order, sign it, then throw it down a hole, and I think it is a great system! So go ahead, try it! Try coming to 16826! And buy yourself some signature fireworks! We have a pricing rubric, and we make multiple fireworks! Count on me and Keldeo178 to get your firework done! Come to SteamingFire's first res, the Hourglass Hotel! That is my new make the fireworks and storage station. And overall, it has what other hotel's don't! I mean, Rent a room, then stay the night, your good sun! Anyways, My fireworkshop will get your firework from my hands to Yours in no time flat! 16826!16826!16826!16826!onesixeighttwosix! Come to here and get fireworks! 16826, home of
  2. Just a warning, we may run out of Book and Quills, we only have 3 left, but we will make more soon, actually today!
  3. Oh, no wonder this thread shows up when I search my own hotel thread.

    Anyway, this is a lil confusing--16826 isn't my res number (unless it's yours)?
    Mine can be found at /v +hgh, /v +hh, or /v +hourglass
  4. ok, 16826 is my res number. Just to clear that out of the way.
  5. The sale is over, but you can still get custom fireworks, I have custom messages made for me, i use this website to give me special symbols, if you see that on say smp1, i will do the message, and log straight off to the next smp.
  6. This thread will now be closed as this business doesn't exist anymore, sorry :(
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