Clearance Sale, all horseys must go!

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  1. Okay so I'm selling off all my horses, 21 of them, because I don't use horses and selling them individually is just a pain. There's a few donkeys and a mule in there as well, but here's the catch. You must solve my maze to get them, muahaha! I'll try to keep an eye on it and let you all know when the chest is empty, but until then, have fun!

    Details: Horses are 75r each, completely random organization in a [slot 27] type shop, although I did place a 107 speed horse in slot 27 for the first person to get there and a donkey in the next slot back.

    The maze is on smp7 at res# 14277, if the gates are closed to the maze that likely means the chest is empty anyways. Enderpearling is disabled, so no cheating.

    Screenshots to follow:


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  2. Nice idea! Might try the maze out just for fun, don't need any horse ;)
  3. I think I just bought the last one :(
    But this maze is really cool :)
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  4. I must have the shop set up wrong, only one horse has been sold. I have had trouble with slot 27 type shops before, what am I doing wrong this time? lol
  5. hmmm I think it's becaus you sell horses with each unique stats, so the slot sells only the one it's in, not with like other items. try a hopper or somethink like that, so you put a new item in the empty sold slot.
  6. okay, yeah I've solved the problem with some good old fashioned redstoning. A comparator and a hopper can do wonders. Game On! lol
  7. If you need help with shops, my shop is how it can work properly if you need an example :)
  8. thanks, I've got it now.
    There are still 18 horses left at the moment and I'm lowering the price to 50r
  9. Gates are closed :/
  10. sorry about that, they're open again
  11. And princebee has cleaned the chests out, but I'll leave the gates open for anyone that just wants to play in the maze.

    No more horseys
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