Clean Up Koskop!

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  1. Hey guys McCloud here-So Tbird1128, Brookey_11 and I all recently went to Koskop where some of you may know was the target of a Griefing raid. We cleaned a little, but there is A LOT of work to do. We were thinking if people would like to come and help the Clean Up Koskop organization (us) to do it. Anytime, just bring shovels, pics, and anything else you might think to be helpful. Together, we can get Koskop back up and running.
    As always, thanks!
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  2. please pm me the location, if its not to far away I would love to come and help. I also would be happy to bring some supplies/building materials with me. let me know in the PM.
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  3. It's on Smp7, all you have to do is go to Frontier North, then go west, along the side of the spawn. You will find the train station to Koskop. If this doesn't help, the coordinates are (Told if msgd
    Have fun getting there!
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  4. cool, I will check it out. I will take some stuff with me, is there any particular need?
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  5. not at the moment. I'd take dirt though
  6. I am going out now, taking supplies of wood, iron (tools), food, a few extra things. Anyone want to go with me? come to my res smp1 755

    leaving..... now. catchup if you want to I will be out there.
  7. I am leaving the town of Koskop as I have had as much fun as I care for tonight out here. I did a bit of pot hole filling and structure fixing. I left some supplies in the warehouse in the appropriate spots and tried to get some of the crops planted/going. I don't know what it was like exactly before so I just did what I could with what I had or found. Anyway enjoy what I have left, I can give more if you let me know when you want it, like glass. I will give you lots of that to fix the broken windows. let me know when you are going back out and I will get it ready for pick up.
  8. Sorry to hear you got griefed :(
    Are you positive you want to share the coords? Remembering that the forums are accessible by anyone
  9. I dunno, I guess not... :p Will change..