Clash of Clans

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by jacob5089, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you I made a new clan on clash of clans. I wanted to invite you to it. It's name is farlanders, and I am currently the only person there. I don't want people saying the game is stupid or anything here.
  2. i wul be clanlieda i willz kick you al ;lol
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  3. <3 clash of clans, i also have my own clan :)
  4. Thanks for joining, I saw you left though... Your always welcome back.
    What's your clan name?
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  5. My clan name is 'dejutterclan', but there's no people who are English :p
    My COC name is Tom van Wijnen (wow orginal)
    The reason i left was because it's on my sisters iPad, so the account is from her. Se wants to be in my clan :p There's nothing wrong with your clan, if i didn't have to lead my own, i'd probably get in yours :)
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