Clash Of Clans (BigEaredDogs)

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  1. Heyy people of emc, I have just created a clan called BigEaredDogs and I need people to join!
    the only requirements are having at least 200 trophies
  2. What is this about? A little more information, please?:)
  3. clash of clans is a free to play IOS game
  4. I know a guy who plays this alot not sure if he has 200 trophies also he doesnt play on the empire but from the amount of trouble he got in from playing that game during class he might be a high level
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  5. I might join... Im in a clan already so. Might just stop by someday.
  6. What colour flag does it have? Thinking about joining...
  7. its half white half black
  8. I joined :D
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  9. I think I'm going to join now or tomorrow.
  10. Joined :D
    IGN is jacob5089
  11. YaYY!! finaly not a loner...