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  1. As the empire grows I am sure that people meet other players online and would like to meet with them in game. There should be a command like /clan creat and you can add your friends and have like your own chat channel so you can have private conversations with your fellow clan members. This would make communicating with friends much easier.
  2. thats called groups now. Look at the recent groups update thread
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  3. As I can see you are a new member, please look into what we already have in the empire before you suggest stuff like this. But I hope you enjoy your stay
  4. That stuff is temporary as I have read it. Im talking like perminent clans that people can creat and join and have community chests and properties that everyone in that clan can use
  5. That's an upcoming feature... Those will come with the dragon tomb update.
  6. Thank you jacob for your help
  7. No problem :)