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  1. Lately, ICC has been getting a ton of requests of people wanting to cash in their ICC eggnogs and thus is really busy.

    Are you wanting to cash in your eggnog really fast? You can cash it in to me! It's free and I will give you any past promo that you'd like. Just PM me and I will get back to you within an hour or at the latest the following morning :)

    REWARD! As a bonus for choosing me to claim your eggnog, I will also give you a complementary 5,000 rupees for choosing me to claim your promo :)

    TL;DR - You can give me your ICC eggnog and I will give you any past promo that you want. Just a faster way to claim it since ICC is really busy lately PLUS you'll even get 5k bonus for choosing me :)
  2. Bump! Still in business for a few more days :)
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  3. I don't think it's going to work as much... This should make the front page. If so, IcC doesn't have to do the work.
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  4. You're a smart man Haro.. Racking up all them egg nogs. Hahah.
  5. TRUE DAT!
  6. How many are there and what are they worth?
  7. Not many and they are worth at least as much as the most expensive promo.
  8. How did people get these?
  9. A drop party on a certain day.
  10. After Aikar's drop party ICC came on and dropped them.
  11. So basically people give you stuff so you get free stuff?
  12. The OP answers this question..