Claiming someone else's res?

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  1. Hello forums, My name is Skunkman2011. I recently wanted to move to another residence. I found one that is next to chrisisaboss91's residence. Chirisaboss has a roller coaster he wants to continue onto my res. I am on the res next to him, but someone claimed it already. Chris says that the person that claimed it (br126) has been offline for more than 10 days. He said that if i ask ICC, Justinguy, or shaunwhite they can unclaim his residence for me. The residence number is 7212. If someone can get in touch with any of the staffs that would be great. Thanksc

  2. You will need to go to 'inbox' - hit start a new conversation - type in any of the three admins .... then tell them - the forum is not the place to claim a res, it's in a private message with staff :D
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  3. Oh, sorry everyone... :)
  4. Nothing to be sorry about :)

    Just a question, how do you plan on extending the roller-coaster onto your res?
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  5. above a cretin level you can build across the road and onto the other players res, that you have build perms on.
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  6. Sorry, but that typo is just hilarious. :D
  7. br126 was last on 3 hours ago... Advice: type /p (player name) to see how long someone has been away.
  8. Yeah, but I think he might mean he can connect the res's :)
  9. br126 was offline for 13 days at the time of the request, but they had become active again before any action was taken to reclaim their derelict lot. This happens all the time, and is disappointing for the player wishing to claim a new lot, but very fortunate for the player who almost lost their res. :)
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  10. Yah, we missed you, Alex :D
  11. Pistons ;)
  12. Going over the 128 build limit
  13. Cretin: a stupid, obtuse, or mentally defective person.

    Now everyone understands the joke. :)
  14. Pft. You're trying to show me in a bad light is what you're doing. I'm not referring to the condition of cretinism. This is the definition I was referring to:

    While your definition is also correct, the word "cretin", like the words "idiot", "lunatic" and "retard", that were all once purely medical terms, have been "adopted" by laymen and has a different meaning colloquially; in my case, the one I quoted above.
  15. Sorry, didn't get the second definition in there... I updated my post. :)
  16. lol, didn't even notice that when i typed it, i guess i'm suffering from cretinism.
  17. this post ends very differently than it started:D
  18. You really shouldn't post on dead threads such as these.... but yes this switched gears rather quickly