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  1. i would like to claim this desert for myself and name it fluffyopia please, is the money for the "required" locked chest provided? or do I need to buy a lock myself? and is it far enough from other bases?
  2. I find this thread thing kinda confusing... is this the right place to post this?
  3. Currently at this moment in time you cannot claim land in the frontier however this is a planned feature :)
  4. Yes, you can, I think he doesn't mean protected land, but just acknowledged property ;)

    Yes, you do have to get the funds for the locked chest yourself. To see if it is far enough from other bases, take a look at the live map. I like the name, by the way :)
  5. yay, umm, does a staff have to verify it?
  6. Wait are you on about establishing an outpost or claiming land? They are similar but different :)
  7. I want to establish an outpost
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  8. The title is a little misleading then, but i think a member of staff has to verify the outpost before it is established. :)
  9. ok, I there anyway to change the title?
  10. I think you can report the post and include your edits in the reason why you reported it :)
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  11. Claiming will be so tough to integrate. What's to keep me from claiming something someone else built? Maybe there's a way to prevent claiming of any land that has any man-made structures on it...
  12. Please read the first thread in the Wilderness forum called:
    "Welcome to the Frontier forums! Info & How to Establish an Outpost "

    It will tell you how to establish an outpost. Yes, you have to pay the 1000 rupees for the locked chest, so you should use the map to check for other outposts before placing your locked chest. The /map command will give you a link to the livemap.

    Good Luck!
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