Circle stone generators, are they allowed?

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  1. I've seen a youtube video showing how you can make a device that can change a stone brick block into circle stone brick using sticky pistons and water (the same device can also alter the colour of wool). I would like to know if these are allowed?

    They do make use of a glitch but don't duplicate any blocks. The only advantage one could get would be if the resulting circle stone was sold at a premium.
  2. um i was wondering where u found?
  3. I know someone was selling those stones for like 500R each on SMP2 last week, and he got in some trouble. I am sure that you shouldn't try to use this trick on EMC because it is a glitch, and we aren't supposed to use glitches at all... although come to think of it, the obsidian generators are a glitch too... and we are allowed to use those. :confused: I guess you have a good question which needs to be addressed by Jeremy/Justin. :)
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  4. This is not allowed as it is tricking the system into changing the damage value of an item. My guess is that this will be patched very soon.
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  5. /shop sell this for 25 :p
  6. [quote="NurglesRott, post: 65740"....although come to think of it, the obsidian generators are a glitch too... and we are allowed to use those. [/quote]
    Obsidian generators are not considered glitches. They are considered acceptable by even the Mojang staff as part of the game. We allow them because it EXCHANGES redstone for obsidian. It doesn't trick the game into doing anything on the level of this machine you wish to build. There is only one possible outcome to an obsidian generator: redstone = obsidian, no redstone results in cobblestone... You can't exploit this to create anything other than obsidian and the occasional cobblestone.
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  7. Actually, it IS a glitch.

    Notch has commented on this issue in the past, saying:

    "Indeed! I foresee a bunch of patches if competitive play ever takes off, though. Infiniobsidian is probably OP"

    Also, on many other popular servers obsidian gens are not allowed because their admins consider them to be abuse of a glitch. Our server has decided to allow this, which I am happy for... but it was never the intention of the programmers that redstone change to obsidian when sandwiched between water and lava.

    Just because you can't exploit this to create anything but obsidian doesn't justify it not being a glitch. As pointed out in the OP, you can't use the circle stone glitch to create anything other than another type of stone... so same deal.
  8. Wrong. The "generator" asked about in the OP is changing damage values of items. You can change the color of wool, type of stone, wood blocks, and type of slabs you place the redstone torch onto.
    Here is the video:
  9. LoL I've seen the video and I know exactly what it does. Doesn't change the fact that an obsidian gen takes advantage of a glitch. I'll bet the damage value of redstone is quite different than that of obsidian as well.
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  10. Circle Stones? :confused:
    This aint not Minecraft anymore!!!
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  11. Damage value, damage value.... :confused: Okay, I know how I'd interpret that by assumption but maybe it's not quite so obvious. That's really the point of contention because it was JustinGuy's verdict on the issue, right?

    I don't know any of the coding or damage values assigned to items... but from a layman's standpoint it seems the changing of damage value from initial item to produced item with redstone dust to obsidian would change that value... significantly... superlatively... Obsidian being the supreme example (next to bedrock) of unbreakable stuffs, and redstone dust bustin' up as easily as tilled earth and torches.

    If the changing of damage value = what my assumptions led me to believe (blocks or items that take longer/shorter to bust), then I must admit that I cannot actually see the difference between an obsidian gen and any other... that is, any gen which does not just mystically dupe and recreate items.
  12. Thanks, that's good enough for me.
    LOL, the "circle" of circle stone is a square.
  13. Yeah. Just founded about it XD
  14. Saw that, I was gonna buy. :/
  15. A bug is just an unintended side-effect cause by a mistake in programming. They're not necessarily bad, like obsidian generators, you're not really gaining anything. In fact I think it's easier just to pour a water bucket on a lava pool. Changing damage values, duplicating items and such are a different kettle of fish as they give an unfair advantage to the person exploiting the bug.

    I think if you have to ask if it's allowed, it probably isn't.
  16. I don't understand how using a bug to change the damage value (colour or pattern of block) is more exploitive than using a bug to bring a block into existence (obsidian generators).

    If obsidian generators where also banned I could easily have guessed that circle stone generators where also not allowed. It is the conflicting, to me at least, rulings that glitches are not to be used to give you an advantage but obsidian generators are okay that made me wonder if circle stone generators are also okay.
  17. Circle stone is unobtainable in Minecraft SSP/SMP without exploits unless you have Creative Mode or TMI.
    That is not the same as creating obsidian from lava, water and redstone dust.

    This machine tricks many blocks without exchanging 1 item for another.... It dyes wool without dye. It makes Birch Logs into Oak Logs. These things are not the same, in my opinion.
  18. The data value IS NOT how hard it is to break, Bedrock is seven
  19. Hmm, I see your point. turning a redstone into an obsidian is really changing one item to another, much like this other gadget. Same in the basic process. convert item A to item B. Where they are different is in the effect it has on the game.
  20. That's not quite what I said, so not sure what you were trying to tell me here. Basically, I was fishing for what exactly "damage value" is. "Damage value" was the term used by admin in defining criteria which would determine whether or not it's acceptable, not "data value".