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  1. Hello everyone!

    My name is OreoTheChristian and I have a church on smp2 /v 4247 at 8:00 (EMC).

    Hello to all! How was your Father's Day? Mine was pretty good. Anyways there might be a service today, I will have to see if I have other plans. If you missed last week's post, I basically said that we are going to now have debates on the Bible, and yes I checked with staff on this matter and they said it was ok, but there is a disclaimer: Rudeness to other people's belief/religion WILL NOT be tolerated, so keep the rudeness to yourself :). Also if you guys ever need stuff I may be able to help you, so please do ask me! Or if you have a pray request tell me and I will pray for the request I'm always up to help people. So I hope to see you all there at the church, I will give an update if the church service will happen.

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  2. Um... you might want to re-read that :p

    Hm, I really hope this will be okay, as from past experience, I know religion and the internet is a very tough combination, and that also applies to EMC... let's pray for things not to go all wrong ;)
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  3. Heh, I don't understand what I did wrong? Sorry if I goofed I have dyslexia and grammar is very hard to understand. I struggle with that kind of stuff, sorry! :(
  4. Rudeness will not be tolerated. All EMC rulesust be followed.
  5. Oh, ok.
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  6. Someone fixed it now :confused: Oh well, the only thing that matters is that it's fixed now.

  7. Sorry Oreo I was just clarifying what you wrote. I should have quoted it. I'm going to try and make the event hope it goes well for you.
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  8. Oh, ok....
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