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  1. Hello to all!

    My name is OreoTheChristian and I have a church on smp2 at /v 4247 called Church of the Open Door. At 8:00 PM (EMC) is when the service will start. Today's message is about hope and courage, it is a message I found in my daily devotional. Anybody form any religion/belief is welcome, as long as you respect other people's religion/belief. Hope to see you there!

  2. Nice idea! What denomination of Christianity is this based off of? I personally am Catholic, but I share more views on controversial things with Evangelical Presbyterians.
  3. I'll be there.
  4. Ill try to make it.
  5. Christian meaning Protestant?
  6. Can we have a message on Eph 6:5? Or 1 Tim 2:12? How about the correlation between Eph 2:8-9, James 2:14-17, and Rev 22:12?
  7. I just finished making a weekly message you can now find in the church!
  8. I respect what you are doing, having a weekly message is a great thing. However, putting a religion behind it, to me at least... is blood curdling.

    I know you stated that any religion is welcome. However, especially after visiting the residence, after seeing crosses splayed everywhere, and other markings of Christianity, it seems a bit... unwelcoming to those not of the Christian faith.

    If you want to preach a message of hope and courage, great! I commend you! However, if you want to be all inclusive, it's probably best to leave the gods out of it in the public eye.
  9. I agree that crosses everywhere is a bit much, but did you mean to say gods?
  10. I did. All encompassing of all religions.
  11. Hello folks !! If you don't like what the OP is doing then please dont attend. He/She stated that anyone was welcome not that He/She was trying to make it for any religion/belief. I'll move this thread to a more appropriate section now.
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  12. Lol I am very aware of that, I was just curious. I can only name one catholic off the top of my head on EMC but I was just wondering if I was alone with that one other person.
  13. *Facepalm*


    I was just wondering. ;)
  14. That was pretty cool, thanks!
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  15. Your welcome!
  16. The service was really nice! It was my first time going to one, and I'm glad I did. I expected it to be a little longer but it was really fun. :)
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  17. I give oreo Full perms to use my cathedral on utopia at /v 5353 its big an can house allot of players :p
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  18. What about me =P
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  19. Thank you, I appreciate you coming. I didn't want the service to be to long an boring. Hope to see you next Sunday!
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  20. Thank you!
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