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  1. So, as of recently I have started to get used to making renders on Chunky.
    I thought I would take the time to share some of my work whilst letting others share their own perhaps.

    Here's my first EMC-based render, Town Spawn :)
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  3. What is chunky? Just wondering
  4. A free Minecraft mapping and rendering tool.
    Found here:
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  5. Do one of 1148 :p
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  7. :eek:
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  8. good surprise or bad surprise?
  9. :eek:
  10. This one, this one I like :)
  11. Yeah Shaun's res is awesome.
  12. What is the difference of chunky and normal?
  13. I want to make a copy of spawn next to spawn on smp3 but I don't have the time
  14. Is there a tutorial on how to use this somewhere?
  15. very nice images :) you dont fancy doing some of the 3153 complex do you? could be some rupees in it for you as well :p
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  17. How do you make a render of a multiplayer world?
  18. World downloader mod :)
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