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  1. So earlier today I saw another render. I really wanted to make some of my own and I thought it'd be cool to make a thread of them so go ahead and post your Chunky renders here :D I know these aren't great but I'm still trying to mess around with the program :) Bear with me

    This is Pab and Zeke's shop at 14869 and a Padoga building thingy.

    I also plan to do others tonight. If you have any tips I'd be glad to hear them :)
    Start posting :)
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  2. Well here's one of my first survival world from back when I first bought the game. (I was also new to Chunky, so I didn't get the best angle.) I'll post some more later.
    First Night Survived!.png
  3. chunky?
    i prefer maya! >:D
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  4. 95% sure something like that would crash my computer hehe. :)
  5. That is called a MathiasKippen Pagoda. I had one at my res for sometime, but it got old so I tore it down
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  6. Maya is awesome but its sorta confusing :eek:
  7. the only reason why i learned how to use that was because i am in this little group and we are making android apps :p
    honestly i wish it were a lot simpler, then i could have fire and torch effects. computers just are too complicated sometimes XD
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  8. I think that's right, I don't remember where I got it haha. It sounds familiar though. :)
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  9. Bumpity Bumpity Boo...
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  10. Don't make me post the others I made... Those didn't turn out good, I need to experiment with different TPs while making these.
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  11. Well this didn't last long.
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  12. What is chunky?
  13. Chunky also you to take pictures of single player maps and it renders the screenshot into a clean looking 3D image. It's quite fun to mess with, I'd look around on the internet for more stuff about. It's pretty cool :)