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  1. So, I have been playing with chunky a little bit, and decided that I could help out other players by offering to do chunky renders for them. The biggest thing about this is time. Every good render can take up to 9 or so hours to bake. So if you put it in an order, just remember, that each image takes time. I have two examples, but only 1 is done, the other is redering right, now and I will post it once complete.


    I know some you may think that price is high. But like I said, this is alot of time. Depending on what you want a picture of.

    Order form-

    Server: *smp1, smp2, ect*
    World: Nether, End, Town, Wild
    Screenshot: *just add a screenshot, it does not have to be the shot you want exactly, but placing a screenshot will help me determine the best area to get the shot*

    If you would like a render of something in a Single Player World, Please PM me! I can do those too!


    ^^EMC Spawn^^

    ^^nfell2009's Shop^^

    ^^My SMP9 Wild Community^^

    Every picture will be shown to the customer before approval at an early stage of rendering, as to not waste either of our time. So please have something in mind that you would like rendered before you order. Because even an example shot takes 30-45 minutes to get.
  2. Oh yes, sir! I'll have an order or 5 for you in short order. Just need to put some finishing touches on a castle...
  3. Can you just make one and ill buy it Pm me one and ill tell you if i like
  4. Name: nfell2009
    Server: *smp1, smp2, ect*: SMP4, 9139
    World: Nether, End, Town, Wild: Town
    I did this off my other res 9140, I can get you to the same spot
  5. No need to worry about getting me to same spot. For this work I have to use world downloader anyway :p.
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  6. Oh Ok :D Can I pay after incase I dont like it?
  7. No offense, nfell, but you're pretty much telling smooch, to just go do all this work, and then if you don't like it can you not have to pay? Kinda silly. You're paying for his time, here. Real life time.
  8. Definitely.. I expect No payment until it is complete.
  9. Haha.. thanks for the stand up marg.. But its not really that big of deal. I will give him multiple oppurtunities to say if he either likes it, or would like the shot altered before it is completely finished.. I will post an example of a 'Part Rendered' peice so you guys can see what I will show at various stages.
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  10. I do it with everyone, mainly builders. They are a tricky bunch sometimes I don't pay until its completed and I like it and someone built me a dirt house with no windows, door, and wanted 250r! xD I said no thanks, I dont like it. Removed it gave him the dirt back
  11. Ok, this is about 40 mins into the example picture. This one was not that complicated, so most of the render looked pretty good that quick. It was just fine details and shadows that needed to cook longer. Keep that in mind. I will post an example picture of the one currently rendering once it reaches that point for me to do so. It does not look as good early on as this one doe :p.

  12. See, you're WAY nicer than me. I'd be all, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"
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  13. Im like that to others but when its me, i'm like no! I pay afterwards! :p
  14. Well, while it does initial time to set up, I actually have a spare computer that I am using to do this :p. So it does not hurt anything I am actually working on/playing/moderating at the time. So, its not overall taxing on me. :p.

    Also, just so everyone is aware, it will be done in the default texture pack. This is nonnegotiable, mainly because other textures packs have no guarantee to look nice, and I am not downloading different texture packs for each individual picture.
  15. Im fine with it, other texture packs may muck up like you said and I want mine looking PERFECT :D
  16. Alright nfell2009, I will be on in a little big to start the world download.
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  17. How long does it take you to render 1000 passes?
  18. an hour.. but 1000 passes does not look good. I try not to do less than 5k
  19. I do about 3000-4000 depending on how good I want the image any higher is a waste in my opinion, It takes me about 2 hours to render a 4K
  20. May I ask what computer you are using to render this, is chunky fully multithreaded or not, and if the computer is only doing this or also doing other things?

    I actually have a core 2 duo wolfdale @3.5GHz with 8GB DDR2 and a propus 4 core 3ghz athlon II with 4GB DDR3-1600 which are both just kinda sitting around.

    As for the costs of doing this, there is ismooch's time, and then there is the electricity usage of the PC which is likely a dollar or so, along with the waste heat the computer generates because of working hard. This is more than most people think, I have two medium-power computers which I run folding@home on (genetic protien folding simulation, for stanford university research into diseases) and the two of them together keep my room at 75F when the temp outside dips to 30F.