Christmas Trees for sale!!!

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  1. Yes, people. Its that time of year again where we go pick out the tree we want. I have seen no threads at all about christmas trees for sale on EMC, so Im starting up a Christmas tree sale!!!
    All trees are 25r. We deliver to your residence and will put the tree up for you. Ornaments of colored wool are 1r each.
    We don't have infinite supply, so buy your tree while they are in stock!
  2. Uh...details?
  3. You buy a tree. I come to your res with a sapling and bonemeal. You give me build perms temporarily. I then put up the tree for you. You buy colored wool ornaments if you want. Then you take away my build perms and your done!
    Ornaments: 1r each
    Trees: 25r each
  4. So is this just you growing a tree for 25r, with the option of putting wool blocks on?

    Could you post some pictures? All this seems like is what I said above, but I doubt it is.
    I'll buy one on residence... whatever my first one is haha
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  5. i want one :)
  6. Remember, not everything is free
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  7. Do you bring in BIG trees?
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  8. I try to. If I don't spawn a big tree, I will cut it down and respawn one for free. You get the materials from the small tree.
  9. 509 Will be glad to buy:

    2 Trees which are around 70 blocks tall (maybe 1k for each one?) and around 400 Decorations for each tree.
    Then we would like have some small 4 block tall ones with 7 decorations on them.

    Currently I can't log into emc but get bucky291's attention..

    Hmm maybe

    @bucky291 nope?
    #bucky291 nope?

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  10. I will try to get the 70 block tall ones and their decorations. The other ones will be able to be given
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  11. BTW 509 is a mega mall owned by me and bucky and it's managers are OrangePie123 and fermat8
  12. the trees will be 70 blocks tall, but how wide will they be
  13. i like the idea but is it possibl you add more services ex. presents (chests or wool) a star (gold block) and other stuff
    but other than that great:)
  14. IDk 2x2? so 4 wide? no um how about 3 blocks wide
  15. I like this idea but I don't have any room on my residence.
  16. I will have the trees ready in about 5 days max. The 70 block trees will be too tall to spawn naturally, so I am going to assemble them at the mall. The reason for the wait of 5 days is because it will take me a long time to get the wood ready and the wool ornaments ready
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  17. If you want a tree, pm me and I'll get back to you as quickly as I possibly can
  18. Bump again.
    We aren't out of stock people, so buy your tree before we do!
  19. Why don't you just use Item Frames with a specific item in it for ornaments?