Christmas Suggestion: Resource Pack Required

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  1. I was thinking of all sorts of useless ideas and I thought of one that stuck out- but was still useless-and I thought hey, christmas is coming up and it would be a pretty darn neat idea if the Staff sung some music for us and replaced one of the Music Disks with it. This would require a Resource Pack.

    DISLAIMER: There is a %.00005 chance of this happening so don't start getting your hopes way up.
  2. hmmm... what song exactly...
  3. On the 12th day of Christmas, the Empire gave to me.
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  4. you don't need a recource pack you can /playsound to any single player
  5. Not for a custom song, no, you'd need a resource pack.
  6. The sound file has to be present in the client resource files.
  7. Not many players I suppose will want to have to download a new resource pack, especially new members, so I hereby deem this 0.00005% chance pretty much 0% :p
  8. you can /playsound note blocks
  9. Nope. This is the staff singing.
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  10. oh lol
  11. I actually like the idea. And for some reason, I can only picture nearly inaudible, cracking voices with people laughing the whole time.
    Merry CHRistm(ahaha)as!
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