Christmas riddle with 1000r prize

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  1. Hello and merry Christmas (winterviel) to you all for this event all you need to do is answer the riddle correctly and you get 1k. So here is the riddle.
    Some men came to a fork in the road 1 went down the right path, the other the left path but which path did the 3rd man take.
    The first person to answer correctly gets paid as soon as possible. Enjoy.
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  2. Hmm.... I'm not out for money but I like a riddle sometime. So instead I'll just PM you because I'm curious :)
  3. The Middle :D
    I'll take my money now
  4. Back the way they came.
  5. Right path
  6. There was no third man.
  7. Nice job Shyguy you got it!
    I also paid you 1k right now.
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  8. I didn't mean for winning that I just said the Middle just because why the hell not but Hey that was the answer and I did get it fair so Thank you :D
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  9. I'm confused, does someone care to explain? ;)

    I figured that the left path was actually the right path to take. So not right as in the direction but in the meaning. So when the first took the right path he took the left. The second took the left and the third... Well, since left was the right path to take... ;)

    Obviously that reasoning was wrong, but I'd like to know why ;)

    Edit: because a fork often has 3 "spokes" :p hmm, sorta ;) oh well, I'm not drunk enough to actually start a count :cool:
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  10. This is so meta...
    Also true on your edit, that is what I figured, but I did the middle because I thought of the TV show and I just wanted to say The Middle for the hell of it, I didn't know that was the correct answer, honest!
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  11. I've grown infamous for creating riddles that are difficult or that make almost no sense. Why do you think I did a riddle.
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