Christmas Presents!

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  1. Hey Guys! Im back! Yes Its me Again :p. Anyways, So christmas is coming up and I can't wait (I don't think anyone can) So I decided I'd make people feel really special this christmas and make a christmas tree with presents! In the pic attached you will see A big christmas tree. That tree is mine and the chests in the picture are Presents which will be opened on christmas. So These Following Players:
    1. bboybrian
    2. Ninja_Sheep
    3. iCrazyEveStar
    4. Shelluser
    5. Nicolakrantz
    6. AyanamiKun
    7. ElfinPineapple
    9. FbuilderS
    11. Kat (iamkhatru)
    12. W00T_DK
    Have all received a gift from me (if you haven't been chosen then sorry but theres always next year so don't worry.) These 12 people can You Please come pickup your presents on christmas but if you can't make it on christmas thats okay cuz you'll have 10 days to take it:). Access signs will also be put up l8r on before christmas or maybe on christmas :).Alright well Merry Christmas everyone and Peace!

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  2. Alright guys Merry Christmas eve. Presents are open for access :)
  3. Merry Christmas Everyone!!! :D
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  4. Thanks aussie, you're the best. Believe it or not you said the first chat message I ever saw on Minecraft :p
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  5. Hey dude, don't worry bout it :). Thats what friends and squid lovers are for :p
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