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  1. Alright, my idea involves 2 things: A snowball, and a new PVP arena

    • Name: Santa's Snowball (I cannot think of a better name, okay?)
      • Infinite Use
      • Cannot damage mobs, only players (PVP Arena Item)
      • Upon hitting a player, the player receives a Slowness debuff (something like that)
    • This idea is a bit different than other ideas, because it only reaches out to PVP players, it is not that great of an idea and it is poorly thought about.
    PVP Arena

    • If possible, I would love one of the current arenas (or a new arena) that periodically changes it's style dependent on the Time of Year/Holiday.
      • Example: Halloween can be a graveyard, Winter could be a snow fort with igloos, and summer could be a nice beach hut or something.
    • Yes, I know that they are making a games world.
    Sorry, I did not completely think of every aspect for these ideas therefore I posted it here for you guys to think of more that can contribute to my current ideas or post your own ideas on this thread if you want.
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  2. +1 from Bro
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