Christmas buying help!

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  1. So my grandparents texted me about an hour ago "What do you want for christmas? NO VIDEO GAMES!!". So I've been looking through all these websites, but I just can't find anything good! (Accept for video games, of course). A bit ironic I know, but the world has just evolved, follow? Anyways, I'm looking to you guys for help..
    Heres the basic guide lines:
    I live in soCal
    Around $50
    Im 13
  2. Shoes
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  3. A t shirt of a team or music discs
  4. Movie tickets.
  5. A gift card from an electronics store (wink wink).
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  6. A nice $50 dollar pair of headphones
    Ask for something from like they have really awesome stuff Like a 10 pound gummy bear and other stuff... they also have a youtube channel so you can check out their stuff...
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  7. Kind of funny coming from a lizard :p
    Bazingga! Just maybe
  8. An alt minecraft account which is around 20 then buy diamond supporter for it to get 8 residences. :)
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  9. Aha, I tried that last year, no luck :p
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  10. Come on Guys, u live in usa, where all is cheap. With 50 dollars u can buy a lot of things. In the usa the regular price for an iPod is 170-200 dollars, here in argentina there is no less than 350!!!! U keep the money Also!!
  11. $50 in raw cash. (Which you can use for electronics. :p)
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  12. A Red-Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time.
  13. Or a leg lamp!
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  14. Ask for money then buy a video game? :p

    If not and if it were me i would ask for...a gift card to hot topic so i can buy more Minecraft or zelda themed shirts haha
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  15. I believe you mean a Red Ryder carbine-action, 200-shot, range model air rifle... with a compass in the stock. Though, beebee guns probably aren't so good of an idea in SoCal. You'd probably shoot your eye out.
    How about a nice football?
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  16. Actually my quote is a direct quote from the movie (it is a line from Ralph's essay {I think}).
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  17. airsoft gun, hat, skateboard