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  1. Hi all! As promised here's an edit I've put together of mine and Cate's shenanigans at the local arcade last night. It's our first of hopefully many vlogs!

    We also have co-op LP videos of "Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes"...

    ... and a game based of the popular (or once-popular I guess) British gameshow, Countdown!

    Hope you enjoy! Managed to get the Switch hooked up with my Elgato last week so expect some Twitch and/or YouTube streaming also!


  2. Love these vids :) Thanks for sharing!
    *subbed lol
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  3. Thanks, much appreciated! Cate also says thank you :D
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  4. Your truly amazing, your like a players who knows the players game, I love your vids,
    Cheers Benny :)

    (Btw wanna hang out some time?) (And I’m totally Subbed)
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  5. This is honestly good quality, such a talent here, glad it's being shown to EMC!
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  6. Thank Benny :D Absolutely! I'll warn you though I'm incredibly rusty and still learning the mechanics of the EMC servers haha.
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  7. Thanks Otus, really does mean a lot to hear! Fortunately I work as a full-time video editor so that helps make up for any shortcomings in the actual content itself :D
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  8. Ah cool, I'll check it out! (subbed so you'll remind me when publishing a new video ;))
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  9. Nice! What do you use to make the thumbnails?
  10. Thanks! I use Adobe Photoshop.
  11. Nice, how much does it cost?
  12. £119 in the UK. Fortunately I didn't have to pay as I get a license for the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite with my work.
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  13. Nice, where is the link where I can find it for the US? I have looked and it always seems to be a subscription not a 1 time pay thing.
  14. Unfortunately that price is a yearly subscription. Adobe stopped doing 1-time payments since introducing Creative Cloud. The latest version that is a one-off payment is CS6 I believe, however I'm not sure if they still distribute it.
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  15. Hey, would the two of you like to make videos on EMC itself sometime?

    I am also working on a dedicated Optifine-powered EMC resource pack which you can find under my forum signature.
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  16. Eventually yes! It might just be me though, or at least just one of us playing but both commentating (she's a bit stubborn about playing MC for some reason haha). Once I build up my resources a bit and am more familiar with events and other EMC mechanics I'll start recording on the servers. Your resource packs look good! Will try them out via Optifine.
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  18. Awesome videos! Thanks for sharing to us, love seeing all the creative people apart of our family here at EMC! =)
  19. Thanks Laae!! More than happy to share with such an awesome community.
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  20. That video was amazing, really great editing and really fun to watch. I subbed and can't wait to see more cool videos!
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