Chow's Guide to ALL Plot Flags

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  1. This is a guide on all flags and how to set them

    The way to enable (or disable) a flag for your ENTIRE plot is: /res set (Flag) true (or false)
    Example: Doing /res set build true, will make it so EVERYONE can build on your plot

    The way to enable (or disable) a flag for an INDIVUAL is: /res pset (Flag) true (or false)
    Example: Doing /res pset Bob build true, will make it so that ONLY Bob can build on your plot

    The MAIN Plot Flags:
    Container Build Use Move
    No Shear flag (Yet)
    The Lesser Known Plot Flags:
    These ones are ONLY set with /res set (Flag) true (or false)

    Fire spread Flow Lavaflow Waterflow Bucket (I may be missing some, tell me if
    I am)

    --NOTE--These flags do not affect players, they only affect how different things react on your plot
    (I.E. firespread affects the behavior of fire spread) so doing a player set flag does nothing with these

    What each flag does:

    Container: Grants access to your plot's chests

    Build: Grants the ability to place and destroy blocks on your plot
    --NOTE-- If you wanted someone only placing blocks, not destroying you could do /res pset (Player name) place true, the same thing can be done if you wanted them only destroying by replacing place with destroy

    Use: Grants the ability to open doors, push buttons/levers, shear sheep, etc.

    Move: Grants players the ability to move on your plot
    --NOTE-- This is used mostly to keep a select few off your plot. If someone named Bob is trying to crash a drop party, I could type /res pset Bob move false, to exclude Bob from the party

    Firespread: Prevents fire from spreading
    --NOTE-- As an added side-effect, grass, Mycellium, mushrooms, vines will NOT spread

    Bucket: Grants players the ability to scoop up liquids in buckets

    Flow: Prevents liquids (Water, Lava) from spreading

    Waterflow: Prevents ONLY water from spreading

    Lavaflow: Prevents ONLY lava from spreading

    If this was helpful, Enjoy it! :p
    If it wasn't tell me why
  2. Thanks Shaun I'll add those now