"Chopped" Tree Farm/Shop

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  1. Are you short on Wood?
    Are you sick of the extreme prices for Wooden Planks?

    Well come on down to
    Chopped Wood Farm/Shop!


    Information posted below!

    Residence #: 11330
    Prices: (Amount: Price)

    Wooden Planks - (64:90)
    Oak Saplings - (5:10)
    Oak Logs - (5:30)
    Apple - (1:5)
    Dirt - (64:1)

    More Inventory coming soon!

    Hiring! I need people that will cut down the trees and put all the gathered resources in a chest for me. I will pay 50r per day!
  2. My god those are expensive saplings and logs! Yeesh! Wow.
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  3. That was a typo for the Saplings!
  4. Well even though I have seen cheaper That is NOT the worst prices I have seen :)
  5. also i will most likely buy from u
  6. Ah. Well, if I used my stock up at the logs prices, i would be rich. i usually put things at half a rupee for one.
  7. I will go get it :D
    Im the wood monster >:D

    EDIT : 10101 is out of logs for now. ( I really need it for my house/farm/amusement park )
  8. Sorry but at 10321 on smp5 it is way cheaper for logs, they also sell golden apples for 60r haha
  9. Lol 10101 has increase the price on log. After im being a "wood monster" it used to be 16 for 10r :(
    Btw i got new supplier that sell about 2 logs each rupees.