Chicken Fight Club SMP4 - 8412

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  1. There is rumor of an underground "Chicken Boxing" club on smp4.
    /v +cfc


    I do understand that most EMCers might be a bit too young to get the Fight Club Movie reference, but in general this is just a public automatic chicken farm.

    Still have a ways to go, but the place is coming along :) Hope it entertains.
  2. What...
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  3. Should we speak in some sort of special code so we don't break the rules?
  4. No, even speaking in code is like talking about [the thing]. We don't talk about...

    Good Movie by the way.
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  5. Chicken Abuse!
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  6. Working on some other details, also left the back side of the chicken redstone open so people can check out if they like. took me a while, but this was the most reliable adult chicken delivery system I could figure out. chickens are much harder to work with then you'd think... :)

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  7. Thank you everyone who checked out cfc :) I'm currently closing the res, while we work to bring you something even better.