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  1. Im trying to put together a chicken farm. I know how to breed them with seeds, but they arnt laying eggs. Ive put a bunch on my plot...and in my spot in the wild and still no eggs. Do chickens not lay eggs on EMC?

  2. They do lay eggs. not sure why you would be experiencing this
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  3. Maybe you're just unlucky and not getting eggs... :p You should make sure the chunks the chickens are in are always loaded.
  4. Hm, that's weird. So how many is a bunch?
  5. Like 5+ and counting. (do they have to be in the wild\waste or can it be at the plot area too?)
  6. They do create eggs in town. 5 isn't too many, so just be patient they will drop eggs eventually. I've filled up double chests upon double chests with only 20 chickens, but it can take a while.
  7. If you are going away and coming back and expecting eggs then they may be despawning before you get to them. If you really do want eggs you can AFK inside the pen with the chickens. At least stay in the same chunk as them and ensure you go back before the despawning period.
  8. alright thanks
  9. Now if you really really want eggs you can build a contraption with hoppers to collect the eggs. Basically build a pen and put water around the edge that goes towards a center spot where you have hoppers. Put chickens in there and then chickens lay the eggs, the water moves them towards the hoppers and then the hoppers drop them into chests.

    That's what I did on my second res. In fact I have like 20 DCs of chicken eggs. If you want some eggs I can give you some eggs LOL
  10. That's actually kinda what I did, except I can kill an cook the chickens too, I just need the eggs to make the chickens...come to my res and see it...its almost ready for use on smp4 Anime1711

    (btw...the chickens are finally laying just seems slower then in singleplayer mode)
  11. If you're gonna do that I beg you to turn off your speakers.
  12. A few things to know about chickens:

    1. While in a loaded chunk, a chicken lays one egg approximately every 7.5 minutes (6000 to 12000 ticks).
    2. On EMC, chickens are only 'active' if you are within 16 blocks of them.
    3. On EMC Animals in water are active within 32 blocks of you.

    Given this info. Best conditions for farming eggs is to place you chickens in a box with hopper floor and water flowing over the hoppers. And for their to be a player within 32 blocks of the whole farm at all times.
    It can take a few mins for the chickens to start laying, as their random timer resets/restarts every time they become 'active' after player moves too far away.

    If you wanted to farm chicken meat and feathers, some more info:

    4. chickens are just under 1 block tall.
    5. baby chicks are just under 1/2 block tall.
    6. baby chicks standing on a bottom slab with water in the block above will not drown. grown Chickens will.
    7. Dispensers can hatch eggs by dispensing them.
    8. a hopper can collect items through a half-slab.

    An automated dispenser can fire an egg onto a half-slab with water above it, and hopper bellow it. The baby chick will grow into an adult chicken and drown, dropping meat/feathers into the hopper.

    Given all the above, you can build a fully automated chicken farm to collect either eggs, or feathers and meat. As long as you are within 32 blocks of it.

    check my res 10022 to see one.

    NimsTV Auto-chicken farm