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  1. Following discussion in 1.4.6 Updates -

    I've tried to make a shop sign for 276-65dk,
    it changes the item description to 27665dk,
    when trying to buy it says "this shop item is not recognized."
  2. M4nic_M1ner : Aikar WILL be fixing this. But he gets things done faster when he works on one thing at a time. Not all 9000 of his projects at once.
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  3. This is a new problem that wasn't there at the time of that quoted posting.
    You know I'm patience in person :)
    Just reporting a new problem in public, so others can check and report as well,
    and perhaps wait with updates on distinct shop signs (or test first) until this is sorted out...
  4. Aikar is aware of this. (I just talked to him yesterday about it), and a fix for these Enchanted Shops is coming. Aikar simply implemented the [slot 1] feature, to allow for him to work on other projects for a bit.
  5. Currently there's a fix to this, by adding another "-" on the 4th line right after the item ID. E.g 276--65dk.
    The "-" was probably removed because some 4/5 enchantment items (I only found on swords, but not on bows) have two "-" displayed when doing /iteminfo, perhaps they are supposed to have only one "-" instead of two.
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