Chest Glitch?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by hoi, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Its probably lag, but I was just wondering if anybody else is experiencing this? These chests have been open for about 5 minutes as of now.

  2. Lawlz at the pig on top of it. Nice.
  3. I've experienced this before. It's just lag.
  4. 1.3.1 is buggy, this is one of the bugs.
  5. Yeah, 1.3 is very glitchy. This is a bug. Another bug is that cocoa beans grow as soon as you plant them, but that's only happened to me in single player, I haven't experienced it on a server yet.
  6. Ive planted cocoa beans in SP. Never saw a bug like that :confused:
  7. Yeah it happened once, I haven't seen it happen again :p When I wanted cocoa bean plants in beta 1.2, I never knew it would crash the economy of EMC, because I only found out about EMC in Full release 1.1 :p
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  8. I don't see it raining brown sheep and cookies. The only real demand for cocoa beans I currently see is for use in making more cocoa beans.
  9. Hmm... The only glitch I've noticed is that the chest animation never plays. It spooks me.
  10. i saw this on a pvp server too
  11. Its just lag, its happen to me so many times, I could have swore someone was opening my chests.
  12. hmm that has happened to me before too but for some reason my chests don't even open they just make the noise like in the older versions of minecraft
  13. Awwww welcome to my world I see this all the time even before the update to 1.3.1 :).
    <because this guy has satellite Internet I lag so often it doesn't brother me anymore :D