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  1. Hello Empire.

    I'm opening up a new business your all sure to love.

    I'm going to be selling emeralds!

    The current location of it will be 6130, that will be the head quarters. Of course we will also deliver.

    The business is not yet open. I can't run this whole business myself. I will be recruiting a few employees to help out.

    I'm looking for

    Villager traders

    Want to apply for any of these?
    Send me a PM on the FORUMS including the following info:
    What's your name?
    What job are you applying for?
    How long have you been on the empire?
    Why do you want to apply for the job?
    How often are you on?
    And be prepared for any other questions I may ask.

    If you don't PM on the forums I will not even consider you for a job.

    Thanks for your time

    (Jobs might be added)
  2. Reserved post for further updates and info
  3. sounds interesting
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  4. Great idea! Spoiler, I may apply, PM inbound! :D
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  5. Bump
    HQ is being built and should be up near mid-november

    Still looking for
    x1 manager
    x2 breeders
    x3 recyclers
    x2 paper crafters
  6. Bump
  7. I could be a manager if you need help with any villager mechanims or tricks to make your life easier. What are the benefits / rewards of each jobs tho?
  8. I'll start a pm wit you tommorow but imma bout to crash XD.
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  9. Still looking for
    x2 Breeders
    x2 paper crafters
    x3 Recyclers

    Read 1st post in how to apply