[CRAFTING SERVICE] Crafting for hire.

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  1. Title says it all,
    I will charge 100r per DC for crafting it into another item (see whitelist of craftable items).
    Conditions apply depending on my time and travel time.

    Whitelisted items:
    - Sugar Cane to Paper.
    - Gold Nuggets to Gold Ingots to Gold Blocks.
    - Iron Ingots to Iron Blocks.
    - Emeralds into Emerald Blocks.
    - Slime Balls into Slime Blocks.
    - Sea Lanterns
    - Prismarine Brick blocks

    - Travel time to an outpost will cost 1000r/h travel. (Outpost location will stay confidential)
    - Maximum crafting job of 100DC per job.
    - Repeat orders, I can leave an alt at outpost to do the repeat jobs.
    - Correct access chests must be done prior to job getting done.
    - I do not transport from one location to another while crafting (including location tp's). Crafting jobs are done from one chest to the same chest or to a location no further than 5secs walk in same room.
    - I reserve the right to not take a job.
    - When order is placed we will PM and arrange best time to do the job as I have work.
    - Most orders can be done within 1hr of job start.

    Any other questions, ask away.
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