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  1. So honestly I didn't want to do this... By this I mean post a goodbye thread, although the only thread in which I am pretty much still active is the dragon cave posting. I am not leaving the forum, just the server. The main reason for not wanting to do this is the mere reason that everyone else whom has somehow eventually made a fool of themselves. Before rumors start flying around, I have not been banned or anything, just like everyone else whom has preceded me, I have grown apart from Empire. I will not say as to the plethora of reasons, mostly personal, that have lead me to deleting the server. I have already destroyed both of my homes and destroyed pretty much all of the items that remained and gave my 120k rupees to ICC. So I have nothing to give beggars.. <,<
  2. Bye, and good luck! :)
  3. Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish!
    -Autumnrain's cat

    Goodbye, you did some amazing things on the server. :)
  4. you gave your rupees to ICC? he gets unlimited rupees. such a waste
  5. Good-bye and Good luck in Life :D.
  6. *Sees title of thread*
    *think of this;*

    But anywho, I knew you only briefly on the forums, and not in game.
    I wish you luck in whatever you do next.
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  7. Don't get upset because you didn't get the money.

    Sad to see you leave, and good luck with whatever you do! :)
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