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  1. I was about to post this in writers corner when I realized, it's not empire related so would probably be moved here anyways. I haven't posted a new piece to this in a long time but I post links to the "Knowledge" piece quite a bit so figured I would link the blog here.

    If you feel the need to comment on the blogs, please do it on the site and not here. Some of these posts are politically versed or slanted so if you can't control your temper, just ignore this post completely please. I touch on subjects such as thought control, political ideology, corporatism, compassion, scrutiny and wonder.

    I linked the knowledge blog( I have said many times that I feel it is unfinished and I will fix it later but I haven't taken the time to do so and others have said they feel it is finished... but it's not) but you can get to the other posts at the bottom of the site under recent posts. on the mobile site I believe the link to the next posts is at the bottom as well. This particular piece is my favorite and many others that have read some of my work.
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  2. I really like your style of writing but I see you have very strong political views. you mention posting comment on your blog. How open are you to educated discussions about your articles?
  3. Each of these articles were written a while back. I actually just made some adjustments to a few of them as I didn't like the way they were worded. I would appreciate feedback on the articles, whether it is about content or writing style. If it is nothing of substance or unnecessarily antagonistic I will just delete it. I welcome adversarial(not antagonistic) conversation on my articles/blogs though. Thanks for the feedback, and any you may give in the future. I will also probably delete any links in comments as I don't want my blogsite used to advertise, intentionally or unintentionally ANY services. There are lots of other places(that get a lot more traffic XD) for stuff like that.
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  4. I mention writing them a while back because my views on things, as I would hope most peoples do, evolve as I grow. I have outright removed things I have wrote because I no longer agreed with them, the message or how they were conveyed.