Check It out my first disk =D

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  1. Yeah so I'm pretty impressed in myself because believe it or not this is my first disk! :)P.S Check out my XP too :p 2012-02-28_16.31.39.png
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  2. lol. looks like it took awhile
  3. I never really tried to get a disk before I bet it wouldn't take long If I did try....:cool:
  4. I have NEVER gotten a disk legitly
  5. Nor have I. But I haven't tried either... :D
  6. how much do disks sell for in shops usually? anyone know?
  7. I think the normal price has been around 200-300
  8. wow really? I've been selling them for 20r :O
  9. I got a disk in creative... It was SOOOO hard i had to make a water arena and spawn skellies then amke em mad and i try not to make them hit eachother adn then i spawn a creeper and then....Ssss BOOM!@!@ Congratz ivon!
  10. ivon go for 33 xp and then enchant a pick
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  11. i sell disks in my shop for 95 r each, I've got all except the 11 disc (which you can only get from empire store)
  12. I sell mine for 100R each (on smp4) except 11 which I buy from the empire shop and mark up a bit, just so I can say "I have them all in stock" ;)
  13. Well thank you...:D It just happened outta nowhere lol
  14. Yeah, I'm aiming for that...Even though I don't want the stupid wild to reset
  15. They average around 100-200r, you are lucky if you find under 100r. ;)
  16. Ive gotten 3, 2 by lucky skeleton shots and 1 by someone hated the disk. i had cat and ward, plus the guy gave me 13
  17. I've got like 60 ._. you get them all the time with mob drop tower exp grinders like the on on utopia

    Tons in stock at SMP2 @ 3960
  18. I think I should make one of those...