[Cheap] Simplistic, Minimalistic Clean Cut Signatures

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  1. - Redacted -

    Want a simple, clean signature?
    Want it cheap?
    Want it to advertise your YouTube or Twitter?
    You've found the place!

    I make these signatures for free in my free time, so just tell me if you want one using this format.

    Top Text:
    Bottom Text:
    YouTube/Twitter Name [Can be both]:

    And that's it! I can get it done within a day, and all it costs is 500-1000 rupees, your choice :p

    Donations are accepted and welcomed! Get asking!
  2. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. Thank you!
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  4. It says you make these for free then you say you charge money?
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  5. Mistake, I was originally doing them free, but last server I did that on I was overwhelmed with requests and had to stop. Wasn't these sigs, just another graphic I made :p
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  6. Top text: Tuqueque
    Bottom text: visit /v +++ for future mall on sm8

    Color green(as my face) for "tuqueque" and EMC yellow for bottom line

    If you can ill be really happy to help me with this.
    Tell me if you are available to this, if not thanks for trying
  7. I can do this, but what to you want in the +++ area? What res number?
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  8. The actual command is /v +++

    I want it like it is

    But smp8 whoops catch an error
  9. are you able to do custom sizes?

    EDIT: If so, I'd like a signature and I'll pay 3k for it. I'd like it to be 790x116 (790 pixels wide and 116 pixels tall)
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  10. Can you do a logo design for my youtube?
  11. I can, yes.

    Tell me if you want anything changed!
    I can probably change the size to fit, so probably.
  12. Is perfect!
  13. Removed the last picture, was a touch too much. :)
  14. Alright, I had just received a PM to remove it and was getting to do so. Thanks for getting there.
  15. okay then here's my order :)

    the top line should say Ultimamaxx (the diamond supporter color) and the bottom line should say "ulti inc. company owner" :Dthanks!
  16. Can you do a youtube logo for me?
  17. Will be done.

    I can, what do you want it to say?
  18. It has to do with a Pulse and i want it to say RighteousGaming