Cheap shops

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by connor_1116, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. anyone have a cheap shop?
    i want to buy lots of cheap stuff
  2. 10216 smp5 sells many cheap stuff, such as diamonds for 39r, or glowstone for 20r!
  3. /v 858 smp1 is a very cheap shop! Almost all people who see's it, says its cheap :)
  4. I beat any price at 10615. (smp5) I sell the cheapest melon and wart around. Wool wont be restocked for a while though.
  5. anyone sell cheap diamonds and ores
  6. try 9256 on smp4
  7. What I said, 10216, smp5

    What is the price of your melon?
  8. He has 1 Rupee for 128, only one small chest.
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  9. On smp3 7314 I have a cheap enchantment store.
    6033 is the cheapest mega store
  10. That is cheap, not many though...
  11. I sell 128 melons for 1 r, I was going to lower it soon.