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  1. These items don't actually get into EMC!!! That would be cheating!!!

    Ok, I make items for a world, and I'll put a download after a few items are made!!!

    Step one : Chose an Item!! (Free) (ONLY VANILLA ITEMS!!) (Ex : Diamond ore, button (wooden), etc.)

    Step two : Make a Custom Name! (1r per character, custom colors +10r, character limit 20)

    Step three : Add Lore (1r per 3 characters, custom colors +10r, max four lines of 30 characters, blank lines don't count)

    Step four : Is it shiny?? (+20r)

    Step five : EMC exclusive attributes (+15r per)

    Step six : Normal Minecraft attrivutes (Ex: Max HP, Attack DMG, Speed, etc.) (+15r per)

    Step seven : Minecraft Enchantments (Ex : Sharpness, Bane of Arthropods, etc.) (+15r per)

    Step eight : Format your order Correctly Leave the step blank if you don't want that.

    Custom Item Name (Use the Color Codes on the minecraft wiki by clicking here. Put the number/letter in Curly Brackets for colors.
    Custom Item Lore (Colors same as custom items name)
    Shiny (Enter Shine if shiny, enter dull if not shiny)
    All attributes, enchantments, and EMC exclusive attributes
    Total Price (I will recalculate pricing before creation, and notify you if it is not correct)

    diamond helmet
    [1][l]Ethy's Helmet
    [6]It is cool!
    Soulbound, Unbreakable (EMC Version), +20 Health
    100 rupees

    Now, make your order, I'll make your orders!!!
  2. Cool! Might order soon
  3. Alright! I'm sick, so I'll be slightly slower on making things.
  4. How are you making lore items? Don't you need admin permissions though?
  5. Read the spoilers...
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  6. Wow! I actually missed that. I'm on a phone, so give me some creds! Haha
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  7. Why don't you just provide the code used to spawn them in? That'd be a lot more convenient than having to download a world file.
  8. I am adding custom colors, and you cannot enter that data directly into the game... sorry!!! :(
    EDIT : I will add my own every so often.