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Should I Create a Builders Guild?

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  1. I have finally finished most of the construction on my new and improved mansion. Most from SMP5 have seen it already but i figured i would post here on the forums so everyone can join me in enjoying my masterpiece. The building designs used are all original and i had help with designing some of the interior(clearly marked with signs for the designer) The gens in the basement are not completely my own design but have been improved on for efficiency. 1-Residence Spawn.png 2-Atop the Archway.png 3-Northeast Courtyard.png 4-Northeast Courtyard 2.png 5-Entrance Fountains.png 6-Front Doors.png 7-Throne Room.png 8-View from the Throne.png 9-Library.png 10-Kitchen.png 11-Master Bedroom Living Area.png 12-Master Bedroom Living Area 2.png 13-Master Bedroom Sleeping Area.png 14-Master Bedroom Balcony 1.png 15-Throne Room Indoor Balcony.png 16-Front Balcony View.png 17-Stone Generator.png 18-Vault Entrance Area.png 19-Piston Elevator.png 20-Closed Vault Entrance.png

    This mansion features the following:
    -Grand Entrance Arch
    -Neo-Classical Architecture(structurally sound)
    -Throne with hidden redstone meeting table
    -Kitchen,Library, Master and guest bedrooms with roof access
    -Balconies at each side of the res for admiring neighboring residences
    -Vault with hidden door and all the amenities
    -Redstone Laboratory
    -Mob Arena Store(still working on shop signs, Looking for reasonable prices)
    -Functional Piston Elevator

    The Mansion was built in about 2 days, and the basement,vault, and redstone lab were made in the week following.

    Detailed Photo's are below and the texture pack used is Ornate 5 Revived

    Server: SMP5
    Residence Number: 10018
  2. More Pictures cause the max allowed per post is only 20 :( 21-Open Vault Entrance.png 22-Obsidian Generator.png 23- Inside the Vault.png 24-Vault Row 1 and Nature Storage.png 25-Vault Row 1.png 26-Nature Storage.png 27-Vault View of Redstone Lab.png 28-Brewing Room and Armory Split.png 29-Brewing,Enchanting Room.png 30-Armory 1.png 31-Armory 2.png 32-Armory 3.png 33-Armory 4.png 34-Managers Office View.png 35-Unfurnished Managers Office.png 36-Redstone Lab Staircase.png 37-Redstone Lab Mechanisms Row.png 38-Redstone Lab Mechanisms Row 2.png 39-Redstone Lab Mechanisms Row 3.png 40-Redstone Lab Test Area 1.png
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  3. And the last 4 Pictures

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  4. You build good. :D
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  5. I have to say, I'm more than impressed! Wish I could build like that... the best I can do is a cobblestone box...
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  6. That's awesome looking.

    What would you charge to do a piston elevator in a res? How many levels do you have in yours?

    I've just started on my own home - seemed to have been sidetracked for a year on EMC and while the teleport system works, a piston elevator is just that much more appealing.
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  7. I can do it for materials cost plus 1k for labor, i'll get a part list together, right now i only have it going from one level to another, i am currently working on creating the mechanism to get it to stop at different levels, integration to the current elevator system is proving to be tricky.
  8. Sounds good to me. Let me know when you've got it figured out.
  9. This is... wow :)
  10. Hey moose roughly 2.5k
  11. Works for me. I'd like to do multiple floors in one elevator, but can always have multiple elevators. I'm going to try to get enough built to place the elevator this weekend, and I'll let you know.
  12. ok well i will keep working on the floor selector mechanism, hopefully i get it done by then.
  13. What texture pack is that? has a very modern look.
  14. <-Haer's interior decorator :D Great job Haer! Looks awesome in your texture pack too!
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